Did You Know? Most HVAC Systems Do Not Work Properly!

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Guess What?
Most Building HVAC Systems Do Not
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All building energy management systems (BMS) require attention and most stop performing optimally after they’re installed.
In a study of 60 new buildings, conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

  • 50% suffered controls problems
  • 40% suffered HVAC problems
  • 15% had missing equipment
  • 25% of the economizers and VFDs didn’t function as designed

Imagine if this study were conducted for existing buildings. They would certainly be in worse shape due to aging HVAC systems and modifications to the building structure.

Source: eta.lbl.gov
Performance issues go unnoticed until there is a system failure, typically discovered by unhappy building occupants.
Without frequent interaction and verification of system performance by skilled technicians, the equipment being controlled can become unstable, disrupting your tenants, causing you headaches and costing you money.
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