March Madness Coming Soon – So is the Battle of the Thermostats

March Madness is Almost Here
With that comes the changing of the seasons and the battle for control of the thermostat!
Too Warm vs. Too Cold
Welcome Sports Fans to an epic showdown between the Tenants that are Too Warm and the Tenants that are Too Cold, with the Property Manager refereeing!

The game has begun, and the Tenants that are Too Warm are sprinting up and down the court, while the Tenants that are Too Cold are struggling to move due to the chill. The referee is trying to balance the temperature to keep both teams happy.

The Tenants that are Too Warm start to tire while the Tenants that are Too Cold start to warm up and get their game on. It’s a close match, and the referee is making crucial decisions to ensure a fair game.

Finally, after a hard-fought game, the Tenants that are Too Warm manage to hold on to their lead and win the game!

What an exciting match!

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