Are Tenants Worried About Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality Concerns are Not Going Away

Recently an indoor air quality survey was conducted of 4,000 workers who spend at least one day a week in an office, classroom, or retail environment.

Of the more than 2,000 respondents, 64% indicated that they are still worried about the air quality in their workspace.

The highest level of concern was from younger workers (age 18 – 34).

Learn More About Controlling Indoor Air Quality
ASHRAE Recommendations:

Ventilation, Filtration, Air Cleaning

·         Provide and maintain at least required minimum outdoor airflow rates for ventilation as specified by applicable codes and standards.

·         Use combinations of filters and air cleaners that achieve MERV 13 or better levels of performance for air recirculated by HVAC systems.

·         Only use air cleaners for which evidence of effectiveness and safety is clear.

·         Select control options, including standalone filters and air cleaners, that provide desired exposure reduction while minimizing associated energy penalties.


HVAC System Operation

·         Maintain temperature and humidity design set points.

·         Maintain equivalent clean air supply required for design occupancy whenever anyone is present in the space served by a system.

·         When necessary to flush spaces between occupied periods, operate systems for a time required to achieve three air changes of equivalent clean air supply.

·         Limit re-entry of contaminated air that may re-enter the building from energy recovery devices, outdoor air, and other sources to acceptable levels.

Ensure your tenants are in the safest possible environment when they return to work
Measure and Report Indoor Air Quality

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