The Importance of Rooftop AC Unit Monitoring and Maintenance

How to Achieve Proper Operation, Comfort, and Energy Savings

Monitoring and maintenance of rooftop air conditioning units is important for proper operation, improved comfort, and energy savings. Automated controls and regular professional inspections can help identify and diagnose issues, prolong unit life, and ensure safety.

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enjoy tenant comfort
Building Clouds’ Connect – Monitor – Correct kits for rooftop air conditioning units accomplish this and can be installed in less than an hour.
Continuous monitoring with automated control, scheduling, alarms, and historical data trending are live as soon as the kit is brought online.
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View one, or your entire portfolio of equipment from your smartphone, anytime, from anywhere.
All kits are preconfigured to make installation simple and fast. Adjustments or configuration changes can be made in real time with just a few taps from your smartphone.
experienced helpdesk operators
Kits come with one year of our BMS Assurance program. Our helpdesk personnel check on your equipment, monitor alarms, and are available to assist you with setpoint adjustments or operational issues. They will work with your service personnel to ensure that repairs or maintenance are completed properly and assist them with troubleshooting.
average annual savings $32,800
After the first year, we offer month-to-month or annual BMS Assurance plans to ensure proper operation, improve occupant comfort and achieve energy savings for years to come.
Building Clouds’ Connect – Monitor – Correct kits are like “building blocks” and can be used to control all of your building’s equipment. They communicate wirelessly to form a complete building management system (BMS).
Closely monitoring roof top air conditioning units is essential for maintaining proper operation, improving occupant comfort, and achieving energy savings. Automated controls can be an effective tool for accomplishing this, by adjusting the units based on various factors and identifying and diagnosing issues. Building managers should make monitoring roof top air conditioning units a regular part of their maintenance routine to ensure optimal performance and cost savings.
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Experienced helpdesk technicians evaluate and solve problems quickly before they can affect your tenants.

This service is designed to augment your existing manpower across all of your buildings.

BMS Assurance is
a Key Component of our
Connect – Monitor – Correct

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