Secrets Your Building Data Wants You to Know

The Data From Your Building is Trying to Reach You…

Most of the time, it’s just letting you know everything is fine – nothing to worry about.

Occasionally though it really needs your attention. Something’s not quite right…seems like the data it provided you yesterday is not the same as it’s seeing right now. Something is different. Is this an emergency? Will it affect your bottom line? Cause you unnecessary grief?

Data that gets ignored or is misunderstood can ruin your day, or worse impact the occupants of your building.

The Helpdesk Team at Energy ETC, using tools provided by Building Clouds knows how to interpret the data your building is generously dolling out.

They sift through the data, looking for clues and determining what it all means…Great – Good – Acceptable – Poor – Bad…and take appropriate action. Sometimes the fix is a simple adjustment, a few clicks of a mouse or taps on a smartphone. Sometimes they will need to notify you or your service provider of a bigger issue or impending failure.

Either way, you don’t have to spend your time dealing with it. You are assured that the proper assessment has been made and the right corrective actions are being taken.

Here’s a recent example when a heating system’s data was trying get our attention.

Smart Buildings by Building Clouds

Repair work that included replacing a part caused dramatic swings in temperature. Helpdesk notified the customer so a follow-up service call could be initiated to correct the problem.

If the data had been ignored or misunderstood this erratic behavior would have continued and could have impacted building operations.

This customer’s BMS Assurance Program saved the day with no impact to the building occupants and minimal interaction required by the customer.

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