Introducing the my.climate App

Office Comfort is Only a Click Away

Improve the Tenant Experience

Office Comfort is Only a Click Away

I am amazed! the sensors were installed in minutes and we were able to make temperature adjustment requests immediately.  Very cool product, my team loves the app.

Karan Dhillon

Owner, The Contractors Coach


Occupants use the my.climate app to send climate adjustment requests to their building manager.  Current office temperature information is relayed along with the desired climate change.


Live Helpdesk support ensures that automated adjustments made by your HVAC system work correctly and follow up with customers to ensure they are happy.


If the occupants are still uncomfortable, Helpdesk will troubleshoot to determine if a system problem exists.  If necessary, your pre-apporved vendor will be dispatched and directed to complete the repairs.

Office Comfort is Only a Click Away

Give your occupants control of their temperature with an easy to use App.
Does not require a building energy management system to work!

Connect Devices to the Cloud

Our strati-fi IoT devices connect to your existing Wi-Fi and data is securely transmitted to your dedicated Cloud server.

Occupants Make Requests on Their Smartphones

Simply request warmer, cooler, or let the system know that your temperature is fine.

my.climate app

Live Helpdesk Operators Monitor Requests and Provide Assistance

Whether a small office environment, or a large campus, trained technicians are available to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Happy Tenants = Superior Facilities

Complete integration with any existing or new building energy management system.

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