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Property Asset Management

The two most common complaints to a property management group are about parking and comfort. Through experience we help property management groups and their mechanical service providers solve temperature problems. We identify HVAC problems before they can affect your tenants maximizing your success with ownership.

What concerns you most about the critical care of your mechanical assets?

  • Out of control maintenance and repair costs
  • Excessive hot and cold complaints
  • Unexpected HVAC equipment failures
  • High energy costs
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"Making my life so much easier. I definitley value working with Energy ETC. They help me, ... to save my time and my money at the building which helps the owner at the end of the day."
Kelly Jauregui
Kelly Jauregui
Senior Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
"Happy tenants equals happy owners...everyone's happy. Energy ETC helps the building run smoothly, and to be honest I wish I had them at all of our buildings."
Chad Hancock
Chad Hancock
Operations Manager GS Management Company
"I am fortunate to have Energy ETC as a partner. Their care and commitment helped our team transform a poorly running mechanical system into a smoothly operating one."
Ryan Martini
Ryan Martini
Facilities Manager The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
"Installation was faster than expected with no disruption to operations. They met all of our security concerns, and the system is so easy to use. The support from their helpdesk is amazing."
Dan Elwood
Dan Elwood
Facilities Manager TraPac, LLC
The Muller Company
The Muller Company

We advise asset management leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Connect – Monitor – Correct kits, coupled with BMS Assurance form our unique Solution as a Service. For an easily recoverable monthly subscription fee our experienced Facilities Pros ensure your buildings are operating to their fullest potential, 24x7x365.

Maintenance And Repair Costs​

Property managers often take action after something breaks. Building Clouds’ systems are designed to continuously monitor your assets and alert you with critical information before your assets break.

Property managers usually don’t know about mechanical issues until they have already happened. Critical failures of assets are extremely costly to an asset management operation and should be avoided if possible. Building Clouds Connect – Monitor – Correct system integration will give your team the ability to know when an asset is struggling.

Many organizations have found that asset health has greatly improved after establishing a baseline of how equipment operates and preforms. Use our team of experts to leverage countless years of experience to advance your metrics exponentially.

Creating an asset battleplan is one of the most powerful tools an asset management team can have at its disposal. These measures deliver an understanding of what to look for (monitoring/alerting.) Contact us today to get started on mapping out a condition based asset management plan for your assets HVAC equipment.


Is your Operations Team currently struggling to test adjust and control assets and/or equipment with the changing seasons? Our Building Clouds expert support team takes pride in consulting problems large and small in these areas. Our team will help you develop an actionable plan to prepare your organization with the resources to manage change over the course of a calendar year.

1) Compressor Failure
2) Heating Furnace Failure
3) Fresh Air Management Failures
4) The food bill I’m footing for the lions in my private zoo

HVAC Equipment Failures

Our Team works closely with your Facilities or Mechanical Service Team to baseline your equipment and create intelligent, actionable responses to deviations from that baseline.

To avoid asset downtime it is imperative to understand overall asset health and critical highs and lows that precede asset breakdown or failure. Building Clouds deploys solutions and consultations to bring your time based maintenance into a condition based maintenance model. Drop us a line so we can have a chat about how to best serve your needs.

If something seems off within your asset’s behavior, the first step is identification. Building Clouds’ experts then remotely troubleshoot the issue to determine the point of failure and next steps:
     1) Remote adjustments

    2) Alerting
     3) Maintenance
     3) Repair Work

1) Excessive Maintenance Costs
2) Improper Equipment Control
3) Identifying Poor Preforming Equipment
4) We need a sauna and jacuzzi badly

Equipment failures, nuisance truck rolls, and inconvenience to tenants should be avoided early and often. Gain deeper metrics and insights on how to avoid these money traps by engaging our team in one on one consultations.

Excessive Hot & Cold Complaints

Managers absolutely hate getting nonstop unproductive calls from tenants that sounds more like complaints than actual problems. Building Clouds’ Full Service Plan provides a call center that will field tenant calls on your behalf and make remote adjustments when appropriate. Our team will escalate serious inquiries back into your court.

Our team fields many issues that are often quite simple fixes. For example, some of the issues we field for your team can be as simple as closing off access to outside air. These issues can be fielded and sorted back to you. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Our Building Cloud systems with BMS Assurance will let you know exactly when to roll a truck, what repair parts are required, and cut down on your excess service calls (truck rolls).

Does your asset property management team have to drop everything to take care of a situation that could have been avoided in the first place? No one likes adding time or additional staff costs to what should be a simple project management scope of work. Get with us to learn about how we can integrate into your intake existing systems to eliminate excess hassle for your team.

Lower your total energy bill with Building Clouds Connect-Monitor-Correct system. Not only can you avoid a large energy bill but you can also avoid tenants moving out or not renewrenewing their lease based on too many comfort concerns.  Get in front of this problem before you lose reputation with tenants. Let us deliver real time alerts to your team to avoid these costly scenarios.

1) Large Truck Roll Bills
2) Excessive Energy Bills 
3) Tenants moving out/not renewing the lease
4) I can’t stop eating carbs

High Energy Costs

Tenants and asset managers alike usually don’t find out they have high energy costs until they get the bill. Which is exactly why your organization needs more control. Let us help you automatedautomate and deliver more control into your asset management program.

Our team will install hardware and software with IOT IoT sensors that will accurately predicts changes in conditions. Our intelligent software has been proven to keep clean rooms at exact temperatures even against asset failures. Leave us your information so that we show you exactly how we can improve your organization’s efficiency.

At Building Clouds, we are extremely confident in our ability to find the correct solution for you. We will help you make the best choices by lending our Team’s experience. Let us check out your bill energy and maintenance bills and predict where proactive changes need to be made.  Taking action is the key to preventing the high costs of reactive maintenance and excessive energy usage.

The Building Cloud Team Team will help you take steps to minimize energy waste and maintain ideal tenant environments. Every truck roll avoided helps your organization stay greener (carbon reduction + cost savings.)

1) Tenant Comfort
2) Energy Waste
3) Carbon Footprint Reduction
4) Real Bigfoot sightings

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